Weekly Review & Reflection – Notion Template

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Transform intention into action with a weekly review practice.

The secret to performing actions that align with your vision is understanding yourself deeply.

This template will help you turn introspection into a ritual that allows you to create growth loops and polish the systems that drive you towards your long-term aspirations.

Here's a detailed guide with the theory and instructions behind this template.

I've been using this template for years and I decided to "templatize" it so you can benefit from it too.

Cultivating a powerful introspection practice and creating a weekly review ritual has driven the most significant change in my life, I've put many hours of work (and love) into this template over the years so you don't have to – happy introspection!

This template is for you if you want to:

  • Build and sustain systems to achieve your goals.
  • Understand what are the common patterns that repeat in your life week after week.
  • Learn about yourself and align your daily actions to your long-term aspirations.
  • Visually understand what areas of your life need more focus.
  • Live a more meaningful life by cultivating self-curiosity.
  • Cultivate an introspection practice that sticks.


Q: Does this template work on a free version of Notion?

A: Yes, all the templates work on the free tier.

Q: Can I share this template with a friend?

A: Of course – I would prefer if you share this Gumroad link instead of the Notion so I can track how many people are interested in using it.

Q: What is About Blank?

It is my newsletter about creating your authentic life (vs. letting life create you.)

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Weekly Review & Reflection – Notion Template

5 ratings
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